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VR1, a new pharmaceutical company was founded by a neurologist who initially created this product for his own migraines.

Ausanil is a homeopathic medicine for severe headaches and migraines that provides rapid pain relief.
We helped VR1 to target specific markets, with the highest potential, each with a message right for the market.

Magic Dog created concepts that centered around the themes of winning – being able to show up for the most important moments in your life. Migraines can take you away from those moments, and the alternative treatments make take hours to work, with or without side affects, or not work at all.

Being able to do what’s critical in your life, like making that big audition, is the story we wrote (in 30 seconds). It was also a lot of hard work, and tremendous fun to work on choreography for a two minute jazz routine!

We created a campaign of nine commercials including both English and Spanish in markets across the US, targeting South Asian and Hispanic markets and using a combination of television, medical CCTV, and online vehicles to maximize their reach without breaking their wallet!


(:30 broadcast for South Asian channels)


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